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Secret Soap

What Real Users Are Saying

Jeff Cleanser Back Results

“I have suffered from thick, painful blemishes on my back since I was a teenager. I was always told that I would “grow out of it”… well I am well into my 30’s and it still hurts. This is the first all natural product that actually cleared it all up. Now I can go swimming or take my shirt off at the beach without being embarrassed. Truly a game changer. I love this stuff!”

Jeffrey Janelle

5 stars
All Natural Acne Treatment

Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea) Butter

Shea Butter is used to hydrate the skin while healing acne and other irritations. With its raw antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, Shea Butter is also used to heal eczema, rosacea, scarring, and psoriasis. 

Unrefined Shea Butter

One Simple Goal

Our Mission


Build self-confidence in our community by connecting

people to simply natural solutions that are

easy to use with no gimmicks, chemicals,

or hard-to-pronounce names

— just safe and honest results.

After watching so many friends and family members

struggle with their self-confidence due to

skin issues, we decided to do something

about it without negatively impacting

other areas of our health.

Time to move skin treatment forward the natural way!


Why I Created "Secret Soap"

As a young man, I grappled with the physical and emotional toll brought about by severe cystic acne breakouts. The persistent pain and social stigmas surrounding my condition constantly left me self-conscious and uncomfortable. Moreover, my face was riddled with acne scars, leaving me with almost no means of hiding it. This destroyed my self-confidence and initiated a long journey of self-image issues that extended into my adulthood. Unfortunately, I found that after rounds of dangerous medication, intensive acne treatments and investing in costly systems, my situation only worsened.


A couple of decades later, history began to repeat itself as my two young sons began to exhibit the same skin affliction. It was during this time that a friend suggested an all-natural treatment that showed some promise, but still had quite a bit of room for improvement. This glimmer of hope ignited my determination to create a high quality acne treatment solution while ensuring a delightful experience for my family, without compromising on its effectiveness.

Now that my "Secret Soap" is ready, I am eager to share it with individuals like us, with the hope of recovering their self-confidence and supporting a brighter future for them and their families for years to come.


SHY CO. Founder pic

Jeffrey Janelle
SHY Co. Founder


Foster Love x Shy Co.

Foster Love x Shy Co.

Join Shy Co. in the journey to helping children in foster care! 

Foster Love is a non-profit that makes the foster care experience better for the 430,000 children going through it.

SHY Co. - Be The Change

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Join Shy Co.'s own "Be The Change" conversational group on Facebook where you can be a part of a community that wants to bring positive change!

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