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  • How do I use the cleanser?
    Apply 1-3 pumps to your favorite sponge or cloth. Gently massage cleanser into the desired area of your body. Rinse with water and pat skin dry with a clean towel. For best results, follow up with your favorite moisturizer. If reaction occurs, stop use immediately and speak to a physician. For starting use of product, begin use every other day to gauge your skins tolerance and slowly begin to use every day or as needed. For sensitive users, do a test patch to make sure your skin does not have any reactions. When using regularly, begin use every 2-3 days and progress with your skins tolerance. Avoid contact with eyes. For external use only.
  • What are the cleanser ingredients?
    Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, Raw Cocoa Pods, Unrefined Palm Kernel Oil, Plantain Skin Ashes, Unrefined Shea Butter, Purified Water, Vitamin E
  • Is it normal for my skin to sting after cleansing my face?
    It is normal for our acne product to cause a sting during the first week of use. Of course, if the sting turns into a burn, becomes intolerable, or causes a reaction, stop use and seek the help of a physician. The plantain ash and cocoa pods are used, in part, to detoxify the skin, so this can happen.
  • When is the best time to use the cleanser?
    Anytime! Whether its a part of your morning routine or your night time routine, it's always a good time. When first starting the cleanser, make sure you begin use every other day and build to daily once you see your skins tolerance. For users with sensitive skin, use every 2-3 days until your skin has adjusted.
  • What makes this cleanser different than other "natural" cleansers?
    We are a holistic skin care brand that promotes healing. We understand the struggle of acne and its impact on confidence and self-esteem. This drove us to develop an all-natural, no chemicals added, foaming cleanser that is perfect for even the toughest acne battles. No harsh chemicals or words you can't pronounce. We care about YOUR needs!
  • If I join the mailing list, will I get spammed?
    Not at all! All the emails received will stay within Shy Co and not distributed amongst others and we will not be flooding your inbox on a daily basis. We're keeping it simple!
  • What is the return policy?
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