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Welcome to the beginning of a natural lifestyle!

Our mission is to utilize natural products to create safe and effective skincare that builds confidence for you and your family. 

Our Story

Created in the United States, SHY Co. emerged and changed the way we view acne care forever. Born from a passion for skincare that transcended the ordinary, SHY Co. embarked on a transformative journey, guided by a steadfast commitment to redefine confidence, the natural way.

The roots of SHY Co. trace back to the Janelle family, whose battle with persistent acne stirred a fiery determination to develop a solution. Endless attempts with prescribed creams and over-the-counter remedies yielded little relief. Fueling this challenge for change was Gabbi, an experienced professional within the makeup and skincare industry, who witnessed countless individuals suffering from similar afflictions that weighed heavily on their self-esteem.

Together, Gabbi and the Janelle family experimented and adjusted an all natural formula until they finally landed on an effective solution. The vision that emerged from this tireless pursuit was SHY Co.'s very first product named Secret Soap that transformed the landscape of skincare.

SHY Co. champions self-confidence, self-love, and care for others. Our mission is to provide a sanctuary for those seeking to enhance their natural skin care while embracing their renewed self-confidence. SHY Co. crafts products with a meticulous selection of ingredients that nourish and invigorate, unlocking the true potential of every individual.

Our business journey has just begun, but our commitment to empowering individuals and redefining skin care knows no bounds. Join us as we embark on this adventure. Together, we will create a legacy that celebrates authenticity, nurtures self-expression, and radiates with the unmistakable glow of confidence.

Welcome to SHY Co., where nature and purpose converge, and the extraordinary unfolds.

"It's about  harnessing the good while being a part of the good."

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Gabbi Natural
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